Modern Quilt Wrap

Sunday was the second session of the Modern Quilt Wrap class at Knitting Central. The color combinations for each wrap are exciting and unique to the knitter. The first 3 wraps are knit with Rowan Kid Silk Haze. The pattern calls for 9 colors/skeins. You can get 2 wraps out of the yardage or knit the wrap with the yarn held double.
Barbara’s wrap is lovely is soft pastels. Stephanie (wrap pictured below) loved the colors for her mother and took down the information to gather yarn for another wrap.
Stephanie’s colors suit her and lends itself to wearing with just about anything.
This picture unfortunately came out blurry. You can still make out the colors in Kathy’s wrap.
Suzanna is using a combination of stash yarn and Kid Silk Haze. You can’t tell in this picture, however 2 of the yarns are variegated and look fantastic.