The Joys of Stash

The other day, when I realized I was home alone in the house, I decided to indulge myself in looking through my stash. This is not an activity I can do when anyone is home for several reasons, not the least of which, I don’t want them to know where it is or what I have. Opens me up to conversations I’d rather avoid.

I had a wonderful couple of hours where I looked through my yarn. I planned projects with the yarn I still loved and bagged the yarn I no longer desired. I put the yarn to donate directly into my car! Thankfully an opportunity came to donate it shortly thereafter.

I sorted my yarn into a basket for gift knitting, baby/child knitting, and ~ everything else.

It was truly cathartic to do. I have a better handle on what I have, projects that have been snoozing for years (long-term parking lot) and a rekindled desire to knit with my stash. Mind you this never deters me from new yarns or colors that catch my eye. It just might slow me down a bit though.