Ms. and Mrs.

It all started when Michelle needed sewing thread and a needle to sew on the buttons of her sweater. (The pattern is a house pattern from a yarn store in Vermont and the yarn is Plymouth Baby bunny). We of course waited for Mary to arrive. At first she thought it was in her car, back up to the magic bag. Then, however, she pulled out this little silver zip pouch and the fun began.
This was a Christmas Stocking Stuffer gift and it is very clever. It’s a little mini-emergency kit from a website called Ms. and Mrs. It has nail polish, nail file, polish remover, sewing kit, mints, Advil, lip balm, towelettes, and more. Very, very cool! Check out the website for other creative kits.
Michelle and Mary worked side by side on their Victorian Lace crocheted squares from the Crocheted Sampler Blanket class they are taking with me at Knitting Central. Crochet may be a second language to them, however they are getting it.
Mary’s basket weave sweater is coming along nicely, knit in Ironstone Island Cotton.