Charlotte’s Web Shawl

Sunday morning was the second session of the Charlotte’s Web class at Knitting Central. Every one’s shawls were coming out beautifully. It’s fun to see how the colors play out in the pattern.
Stephanie’s shawl (above) and Barbara’s shawl (below) share a couple of the same first color of Koigu. After that Barbara’s goes into darker shades of blue while Stephanie’s eases into lighter shades of blue.
We talked about some of the vagaries of the Charlotte’s Web Shawl. I had once referred to the purl row as a relief row. Mary countered that it was no such thing because she spent the row saying “is it 8? is it 8? is it 8? Then there are sneaky yo’s that slip under the markers and upset the repeat count. Having markers that lock help when markers get stuck in life lines. Otherwise they have to be cut out.
Lydia’s shawl (above) and Mary’s shawl (below) share the peachy/rosy color. Lydia’s leans toward the peachy/orange and Mary’s goes into rosier colors.

Mary put us all in our place, she was obsessed with the shawl. She finished hers! Not only that, she extended it 30 rows; that added another 5″ before blocking.
Afterward Mary shared with us these adorable little sweaters she knits as gift tags and ornaments.