Happy Halloween

Today I happily wore my 1x a year sweatshirt. The one and only time I wear orange.

This little dog is part of the Travelling Bear (stuffed animal) Ravelry group that Elizabeth is part of. There are 10-12 participants and they each send off a bear to the next person on their list. Each bear travels complete with his/her own backpack and passport to document their travels. Elizabeth’s husband took him to Vermont for the weekend and he had a very full weekend. His final stop was knitting (which seems fitting).
Elizabeth steeked her cardigan!!!! She did seamless job 🙂 She has to crochet an edging and add the buttons. Elizabeth is also going to put some bias tape on the inside of the button band to give it more support. Beautiful! The pattern is from the Reynold’s Lopi Book #26 and it’s pattern #24.
Here is Elizabeth’s grandson’s sweater. She said it looks like a little old man’s sweater and is complete with a chain in the back of the neck for when he has to hang his coat up. The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple Bulky Neck Down Jacket #249 and she knit it in Tahki Torino Bulky.

I’ve been working on gift scarves so I can’t put up the photographs, I don’t want to give anything away before the holidays.

Congratulations to Robin who is a Grandma!