Kaleidoscope Crocheted Flower Scarf

We had our last class at Knitting Central for the Artyarns Kaleidoscope Crocheted Scarf. Everyone’s scarf was in varying states of completion.
Beth decided after 3 rows of 5 flowers and the thought of 117 more flowers to go that she would make her scarf 3 flowers wide instead of 5 flowers wide. (We’ve been doing a lot of flower math). If you look closely you can see the border that Beth started today in black yarn.
Carol and Christine were working on joining the rows of flowers they’d completed. Christine really felt she had a handle (pardon the pun) on crochet now. Next time she does motifs on anything thicker than lace weight, it’ll be a breeze.
Sandy is nearly done with her scarf, she has 15 more flowers to go.
Elizabeth had a similar idea about the scarf width as Beth. Instead of 5 flowers wide, her scarf will be 4 flowers wide. You see the beginnings of her border stitch on the left side of the scarf.

Cynthia really analyzed the way the colors were planned out for the scarf and tallied up the number of times each color was used (more flower math). She adjusted her flower colors to even out the color saturation and also to use the colors she liked more often.

I’ve got 25 more flowers to go. Then there will be a blocking bonanza with many pins.