Gift Knitting.

Michelle has learned a few new trick while knitting this vest for her husband. The pattern is from the “No Sheep for You” book and the yarn is Plymouth Mainland. The pattern is made up of twisted sts and one false move and you’re off. She took it out 8x! Now she’s a pro at taking out twisted sts and hopefully her husband will appreciate all her hard efforts!
Mary brought some knitting on a birthday cruise with her girlfriends. She wisely chose more “mindless” projects. I do love her choice in yarn color 🙂 There was only minimal help needed to get her back on track. A few sts were either dropped or skipped in her heel flap. The sock she’s knitting is from a class she took with Sally at Knitting Central. The pattern is from Yankee knitter and the yarn is Koigu.
She began a basic felted bag with Manos. Her first go around left her with a twisted join, so here’s take 2. She decided to knit it flat and join it later. Felting is so forgiving that it worked out fine. She’s now joined in the round and can knit merrily along.
Mary took the 4th class in the Jumpstart Holiday Class at Knitting Central with Lynn Wilson. The class was “His & Her Cabled Hat and Fingerless Gloves”. She’s knitting in with Torino Bulky. I think this was her first try at cables and she’s doing great. The gloves are for her niece and match her school colors. She’s just about to the thumb.

Robin is loving how the Baby Hoodie pattern by Blue Sky Alpaca is coming out. The stripe choices worked out great.
The flap happy hat rides again. Robin is knitting in Zara in a great brown/pink combo.
I’m knitting my hats wit Torino Bulky. The hats are a gift for the children my daughter babysits for.