Baby Days

Even though it was just Robin and Danielle, they brought more than enough to keep busy.
Robin moved on from the Minnowknits Rolled sweater, she just didn’t like how it was coming out. I could tell from the first time she brought it in to show me. When Robin isn’t enjoying what she’s knitting, she looks like she ate something funny. With the same Tahki Torino yarn she was using the for Rolled sweater, she found this pattern for the Baby Hoodie pattern by Blue Sky Alpaca.

She is also knitting a baby sized Flap Happy Hat with Filatura Di Crosa Zara in pink and brown. I love that color combination. Before we finished, she was done with the ear flaps and cast on for the hat.

Danielle brought the baby with her and he is absolutely adorable. He fell asleep in the snugly while she was knitting. Now that’s multi-tasking! She’s also making Flap Happy hats for her kids. Notice the symmetrical stripes on the ear flaps.

She’s also knitting a sweater for a friend’s child. The pattern is the Kid’s Sweater by Blue Sky Alpaca. She’s knitting it in Berroco Comfort DK.