Magic Loop

For starters, Michelle finished the blanket for her grandson. She knit it with the Sublime Organic DK (what was leftover from the Bambini Blanket). I love this Spiral Knit Blanket from Lion Brand. I know, I say that everytime. At least I’m consistent.
Next up, she (big sigh of relief here) finished one of the socks she’s knitting (with Heirloom Argyle) as a gift. The pattern is a simple one, the trouble is with the color being so dark. Looks good!
Claudia joined us and did a gauge for a new project she’s knitting with Debbie Bliss Rialto. The yarn felt wonderful. She had to do the pesky “mock circular gauge”. She was a good sport about it today.
I brought in my Koigu Charlotte’s Web Shawl for show and tell. I’m loving the pattern and the color of Koigu.
All the while, Michelle was working on the gauge for the newest Knitting Central Sock Club Pattern by Danniknits. It’s a very detailed sock pattern and will be a great adventure. I’ve never done a toe up sock before and Danni included instructions for the Magic Loop method by Judy Becker.
I ran through it first and Michelle read the directions. It was much better than I expected. Kind of fun in fact. Claudia felt we were improvising like Mary. She was right, we were. We were channelling Mary. The first time we did it, we used both ends of one circular. WRONG. It made the first row really tight and no fun at all. What a difference following the directions made! What a concept! We both liked it. Hey Mikey.