All Snowflakes Are Unique

Mary was awfully quiet and Michelle suspected the was “improvising”. She was working on the second snowflake for the Sublime Snowflake Scarf. Mary informed us that no snowflake is alike and it’s fine. 🙂 The snowflake did come out fine and she was able to begin crocheting a border around the scarf.
Elizabeth got the first bear in the travelling bear ravelry group. She has to take this bear around with her and chronicle it’s travels. Elizabeth also got the next square in the ravelry square exchange. It’s interesting to see the differences in the squares from different knitters.
Look at how great Michelle’s spiral blanket looks knit up in Sublime Organic Dk Cotton. I’ve got to make this blanket!
Yeah! The first sock is on the verge of completion. Michelle just wants to make sure the toe is long enough. It looks good, she knit it in Heirloom Argyle.
Here’s the beginning of Michelle’s men’s vest from the “No Sheep for You” book. She’s knitting it in Plymouth Mainland yarn.
Cool! I just learned how to take a picture with my laptop. I worked on a new pattern by one of my co-workers to test knit it. I’m loving how the pattern looks in the Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino.