Let’s Hear it for Mary’s Dressed up Tank

Today was the debut of Mary’s finished dressed up tank! YEAH Mary! The fit was perfect (did we write down the measurements?). I am so happy for you Mary, it looks great. She used Tahki Cotton Classic.

Mary spent some time over the weekend working on the Sublime Snowflake Scarf (knit in Artyarns Silk Pearl). The scarf itself is done. She improvised here and there, and it works.

Before she can crochet the edging, she had to finish one more snowflake. The snowflakes look beautiful in the Beaded Pearl and Sequins from Artyarns.

Here is Mary’s finished Flap Happy Hat, knit in Sonrisa, a cotton blend. The hat is adorable and I’m so glad she brought it for show and tell before giving it to it’s recipient. Mary had taken my Flap Happy Hat class at Knitting Central.
Michelle is going to knit her husband the “Twist” vest from the book “No Sheep for You”. It’s a great book. She’s going to knit it in Plymouth Mainland, a really soft alpaca/silk blend. She dutifully knit her gauge swatch.

A big mystery at first was why the gift sock she’s been knitting (over and over again ~ this better be one really appreciated sock) was coming out too big. She did Cinderella in reverse and tried the sock on the feet of the men in her house and it was too big for them (the recipient has smaller feet). It wasn’t apparent at first, then it jumped out at me, she forgot to turn the heel! Yes, of course we ripped it back to the heel flap.

As if that wasn’t mystery enough, she handed me the pattern for the Feather and Fan Cardigan from Classic Elite’s “Make it Modern” Booklet. I knew I was being tested when she just pointed and asked me to read the directions for the sleeve. When I began to look confused, she just laughed. The pattern directions wanted you to knit the garter border at the same time as the feather and fan. Not going to work. I just looked it up on the Classic Elite website, and there was an errata (that word really bothers me).