A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

My friend Laura came over to knit this afternoon. We sat outside, she in the sun and me in the shade!
She brought with her the most beautiful fairisle sweater she’s been working on. It’s absolutely spectacular. She knit it completely in the round and steeked the armholes! YIKES! I get freaked out at the mere thought of steeking.
Laura explained how you knit a checkerboard pattern and then cut the fabric within the checkerboard. Makes sense.
The book is apparently out of print. It’s has a wealth of lovely pictures and patterns.

Now she’s got the tedious task of knitting the black i-cord band that goes around the sweater. Did I mention it was black on size 1 needles! When the sun went down, she had to switch projects – not enough light.
I worked on the socks for my daughter’s sneakers. The socks are going to be way cuter than the shoes. I’m trying to think up a good name. Right now, they are called Neon Socks, someone else said “lite brite socks” I welcome any suggestions.