Restaurant Reviews & Improv – stitch and chat style

There was a highly animated conversation about restaurants in Porchester, NY and Fairfield County. I’m counting on you (Michelle, Mary, Claudia, and Elizabeth) to comment and fill in the ones I missed. I couldn’t write the restaurants down as fast as you guys discussed them.

The couple I caught were T & J’s and Vinnie’s (for breakfast & lunch) in Porchester and Sunrise Pizza in Rye.

Here’s a random trivia question…Why are liquor stores called package stores?

Mary and I compared our purple swaps. It was so much fun. We both agree we want to do it again. The group is Purple Rules on Ravelry. I’m sure another swap will be initiated soon. Her swap person included this book for Mary which was really thoughtful since Mary prefers not to knit with animal fibers.

Elizabeth was working on hats for a friend who is ill. She finished the blue one earlier in the week, she knit it with Tahki Torino. The berry colored hat is knit with Karabella Aurora 8. The pattern is from Knitty “Coronet”.

Mary finished the front(or back) of her dressed up tank and is onto finishing the other back(front). At the same time, she’s starting the crochet on the yoke. Go Mary! We gave her license to improvise on the crochet to get the right stitch count. Yikes!

Here’s the scarf part of her Sublime Snowflake Scarf. She inadvertantly created a new design element by flipping the pattern 8″ into the scarf. If she flips it back at the same part when she nears the end, it becomes a new pattern!

Claudia and Michelle were debating the pros and cons of different increases, specifically knitting front & back or make 1. Make 1 won, more inconspicuous.

Michelle is working on the sleeves on her Tahki Double Seed St Cardigan, knit with Linie Clip yarn, leftover from the Knit Together days. I love the stitch definition of this pattern.

Claudia came to stitch and chat with this one sleeve just begun. By the end, she had finished both sleeves! Gotta love bulky baby sweaters for instant gratification.

I started a new pair of socks; the yarn is Lucy Neatby’s Celestial Merino. I’m test knitting a pattern for one of my friends.

Towards the end, Michelle (one of people I met while working in Stamford) stopped by to say hello. She works nearby, so hopefully she’ll be able to join us sometime. It was great to see her.