Under the influence of yarn fumes

My oldest joined us today (who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?) It was fun sharing the stitch and chat with her. She made a great model, she usually looks happier, apparently I didn’t remind her to smile.
Maureen finished the poncho she’s been working on. She knit it with Encore Worsted and it was her first big project. It came out great and her daughter loves it. Kudos!

Maureen bought some Suss Mosaic yarn at the Knitting Central sale. She’s going to knit a wrap using the same stitch pattern she used in the poncho she made for her daughter.
Claudia is thoroughly enjoying working on the Icelandic Baby Sweater by Lynn Wilson Designs. She’s loving intarsia. We made yarn butterflies and she learned how to float the yarn behind her work. The colors work really well together. She’s knitting it with Tahki Torino Bulky yarn.
Elizabeth was working on her first hat, a test hat if you will. As she worked with it, she realized that the yarn would not be particularly soft on a head and the hat seemed small. Then I heard her softly tell Claudia and Mary that she didn’t do a gauge. Well, you know I hear that word no matter what decible. She didn’t want to do the dreaded mock circular gauge. The hat pattern is really cute, even if it does resemble an achorn.
Since Claudia had the smallest head among us, she tried it on for size. The village voted, it’s a little small. It might fit Elizabeth’s grandson. Her next hat is going to be knit in Tahki Torino Worsted.
I helped Mary with her dressed up tank. A couple of stitches were off. Meanwhile she worked on the snowflake scarf.
We talking about classes and I mentioned to Mary that I’m making the kids my daughter sits for hats and that I’ll make one during the hat class I’m teaching in the Jump Start Holiday class at Knitting Central. I reminded her that she was taking that class. She signed up for the whole holiday series and completely forgot!

Then I remembered two classes that she’d really enjoy: One of a kind brooch and a knitting with classes. When I began to excitedly tell her, my daughter said “that’s how it starts”. Yes, no doubt about it, when it comes to knitting/crocheting/yarn I am an enabler.