Are you my mother?

We’re all had projects we’re nearing finishing or we’ve put in the project parking lot.

Mary picked up this cute Lexie Barnes knitting bag during a sale at Webs yarn store. It’s got pockets inside for straight and circular needles as well as a notions bag.
She finished the armhole shaping on the dressed tank and later this week, she’ll be able to begin to crochet on the right front.

Michelle was working on the same project and finished one of the filet crocheted straps. It looks great.
Claudia finished the Baby Boo striped hat. She didn’t particularly like working with the double pointed needles, they were up there with the mock-circular gauges. The hat is absolutely adorable. Maybe she can make some booties to match. It definitely calls for a little pom-pom on top in blue and green. The pattern is from the book Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomery.
Next up is Lynn Wilson’s Icelandic Baby Sweater pattern. She’ll learn how to do intarsia and carry colors. Her initial gauge came out small so she’s going up a needle and making the middle size. She’s knitting it in Tahki Torino Bulky.

As we’re all working on more than one project at the same time, Robin or Mary asked if Claudia works on only one project at a time. She does. This could be a big factor in the speed with which she turns out projects. I admire her single-minded concentration. I get distracted at every new yarn/pattern.

Robin’s neck down raglan baby sweater is past the armholes. It’s knit in one piece so it’s “mindless knitting” from here on.

She doesn’t want to knit anything for herself, so next up may be my basic felted tote bag. It’s an easy pattern to knit so it makes a great introduction to felting or a “mindless” project to knit as a break from more complicated projects. Mary is going to make one in Manos del Uruguay yarn.

Robin’s “Love to Knit” blanket is in the short-term parking lot. She said she keeps adding quarters to the meter because it’s coming out any time now. The booties on the other hand may stay parked a bit longer.
I finished the socks I’ve been knitting in Colinette Jitterbug. Wait till you see the difference in socks! I’ll post them tomorrow.