Revised Rules for Lace Knitting

For starters, I lost the battle of “to rip or not to rip”. I had to take back 4 1/2 rows, stitch by stitch. As I was doing it, I wondered if the amount of time it takes to knit the sts was the same as taking them out, one by one. I had a lot of time to think it over. Then I was happily on my way until my husband reminded me to join the family. Switched to mindless knitting.

I knit on the ride home from the Cape. I worked past the rows I had to take out and made further progress. That is until dusk fell and I kept on knitting.

At home, when I picked it up again I discovered a “mis-knit”to big for a on the go fix. So another 3 rows to take back.

So here are the revised rules for lace knitting, to be adhered to 100%!

Lace knitting rules:
1. No one around.
2. Good Lighting.
3. Coffee.
4. Being in the moment.

It is not worth it to tempt the fates and go against these time tested rules.