Socks on the Ferry

We went to Martha’s Vineyard. The ferry ride was beautiful both ways. While I was knitting my sock, I was kind of looking around to see if there was anyone else knitting. Nope.

I love Martha’s Vineyard. We landed in Oak Bluffs and rode mopeds to Edgartown. Last time we were here Joe and I rented mopeds. Driving the moped freaked me out so bad that I rode back on Joe’s moped.

Of course when the subject of renting mopeds came up the kids jumped at the idea. I took one for the team. I rode it there and back, despite gripping the handles so tightly that I lost feeling in my hands. Success was in overcoming my fear enough to make the journey…both ways!
We were back on the Cape in time to catch a beautiful sunset from the patio of our hotel room.
All in all a good day was had by all.