Feathers, Fans, and Snowflakes

Michelle finished the feather and fan scarf by Ann, knit in Alchemy Monarch. This is such a beautiful feeling yarn. And I’m already mentally going through my stash to think of what I can knit in this pattern.
Michelle got out the Sublime Organic Cotton DK, to figure out the stripe sequence for a woven looking blanket pattern from Knitting Central. We played the shell game with the colors to get the color sequence right. Here’s the final order of things.
Now you maybe wondering if I’m on a gambling thread, mentioning the shell game (that was random) and then showing a picture of dice (great segue, I couldn’t resist). Maureen needed a way to keep track of her rows and being new to knitting and didn’t know that there is such a thing as a row counter notion. She very creatively used a dice to keep track of her rows. I love it. Of course the dice is only as good as remembering to “roll it” for each row change.

Mary cracked us up when she told us that once when feeling particularly lazy; she used M & M’s. She laid out the right number of M & M’s for the rows she needed to work and after each row, ate one. Michelle asked, “What happens if you eat a handful”. Mary said she didn’t succumb to the pressure and just ate one per row. Now these are two very creative ways to count rows.

Here’s Mary’s first finished snowflake in Artyarns’ Beaded Pearl & Sequins. She did a fantastic job. Learned the picots in a snap, said they reminded her of pimples. I tell you, with the knitting dictionary according to Mary in my head, names for things will never be the same.
During the session, Maureen finished the feather and fan scarf she’s been knitting for her daughter. Here she is modeling it, there’s one very happy camper.

I saw both Maureen and Mary later at Knitting Central where they scored lots of good yarn deals at the sale. Apparently the line was out the door at 11 am when the store opened and was busy all day. There is still a lot of good yarns/deals left.