It was a tough day for socks

Elizabeth finished her “socks from hell” for her daughter. They are super long boot socks! She’s going to stick to trouser socks or ankle socks from now on!
Michelle was having a tough time with the short rows on my Catch a Wave sock. Short row heels are tough the first time. I must have re knit the heel 3-4 times before being satisfied with it.
And on a good note, Mary finished her cute baby booties.

Robin is going to make the same baby sweater as Elizabeth (in the same yarn/color). What is it they say? “Imitation is the highest compliment.”
She handed me her swatch and asked if it was long enough. I answered that I’d like it longer and will take what she gave me. Elizabeth said that she hears my voice in her head when she’s knitting a swatch “knit a bigger swatch”. It’s the power of the swatch.

Robin admitted that she knit it 2 rows longer than originally planned for the same reason. Again, the power of the swatch, or is it the power of guilt?

Elizabeth got the second square for her “Square trade” on ravelry.
Mary is going to continue on with her dressed up tank. Now that she’s seemed it part way (in order to learn how to crochet the border), I’m having her knit in the round. I think the stitch pattern will be much easier to keep track of this way.

Here’s her snowflake for the Sublime Snowflake Scarf.
Here’s the sample of the scarf I knit/crocheted.