Is a girl from Holland Hollish?*

So here’s the plan. We’re going to pack up our cars with all our stash, drive north, get lots of food (and wine) and have a major knitting/destashing weekend where no one leaves until it’s all sorted out. It sounds like a lot of fun. Personally I’d have to pack my car when no one was home to see me pack. I don’t know if I’d be able to fit any riders in my car either.

That’s the plan.

Back to the day’s knitting….

Sara came today with a baby blanket that she’s working on for a gift, and it’s due in 2 weeks. In order to make the deadline, we cut down the size of the blanket and budgeted her knitting time/inches so that she could realistically finish the blanket in 1 week. Now that the deadline is manageable, she wants to make the bolero I was wearing.

Mary got the next traveling scarf. There is such a difference (not surprisingly) in each scarf and each person’s contribution.

She worked on her dressed up tank and it looks good. I like the color contrast of the light blue and dark blue.
Elizabeth was working on her anniversary scarf. She worked it out to start the second skein in such a manner that the colors pooled in a deliberately random way. See for yourself.
Michelle is on grandson duty for the next few days and brought in her grandson. My daughter was with me and played with him for a little while. He’s absolutely adorable and had more energy that all of us put together.

I worked on my (older daughter’s) crocheted dress. We’re working toward the optimum length. One that we both can agree on. She tried it on and we’ve got two more inches. The ends are all weaved in. Yeah! Home stretch!

When I reached into Sara’s bag to get another ball of yarn, one skein was totally a mess. I teased Sara about the condition of her yarn was about to untangle and roll it when Elizabeth came over and took over the task. Neither one of us can stand when the yarn is a mess. It’s the obsessive compulsive. And, the state of the yarn was her son’s doing, not hers. Sorry!

I’m in the home stretch on several projects; all the more reason to make our knitting/destashing retreat to sort through it all and get reorganized.

And Elizabeth, this book note is for you ☺
The prince and the potty.

*Post name was randomly contributed by a friend of my daughter’s, I couldn’t resist.