When did I knit 12"? Was I sleeping?

Getting started today was a comedy of errors. Michelle was simultaneously on the phone getting a confirmation number (you the kind with letters and numbers) and trying to remember which hook she used for the dressed up tank. Letters were flying, there was no way to tell if she was talking to us or reciting the confirmation number! “C?…Q3B…C?…D2…” Needless to say that got us going on a sillier path and it doesn’t take much.

Michelle’s knitting bag is beginning to rival Mary’s magic bag! She had an endless amount of works in progress in her bag: the Mac and me skirt knit in Tahki Sky, dressed up tank, baby booties, and catch a wave sock. We zipped through the questions on each project and spent most of the time on the sock. The hemmed picot edge proved to be a challenge. She liked the hem, and there’s always the second sock! Here’s the sample sock.
Mary got the next traveling scarf. There’s quite a difference in all the different scarves. She’s going to stay with her signature square; it will be her trademark addition to the scarf.

Elizabeth shared this adorable baby sweater she’s knitting in Artyarns Supermerino. I love this colorway.

She joined a “squares swap” on Ravelry. The moderator picks the square and each person knits the same square two times; keeps one and mails one. The idea is that in the end you end up with a patchwork afghan. This swap is closed, I’m going to keep an eye on the next one. I just think these things are fun. Here’s the square she’s working on, the patterns are based on the book “200 knitted blocks” by Jan Eaton.
Mary and I both finished collecting our goods for our purple swaps. Hers is going to Norway and mine is going to Georgia.

Mary and Mary H. were knitting furiously on their dressed up tanks to be ready for class tonight. Mary H. learned the mattress stitch.
Tonight after class Mary is going to have a yarn testing… she needs a mindless project to knit when she’s out socially, or anywhere with people around whatever the case maybe! I think a felted tote bag knit in the round would be just the ticket. The problem is, she’s extremely sensitive to all animal fibers. Hence the yarn testing.