Filet Crochet

My daughter and I had a lovely day. We visited with my parents and my mother helped me with the straps of my dressed up tank. It looks so big when it’s laid out in front of me. We both thought it was way too big across the yoke. When I tried it on it actually fit really well. I just need to shorten the shoulder straps.

I did have to rip out the bottom band. I didn’t pick up enough single crochet around the bottom. Some how ripping out crochet doesn’t bother me as much as knitting does. (I hope I don’t end up eating my words on that one.) I’m almost done with it now.

I’m considering adding short sleeves. I’ll probably leave it as is for now.

Here’s a picture of my friend Rose’s tank top; she made the small/medium. I’m making the medium/large and I added a few inches in the length from the armhole.