Claudia brought her “Love to Knit” Sampler Blanket by Lynn Wilson. She’s just a little ahead of Robin. It was a good thing too because Robin half expected Claudia to be done and was cross with the thought. Claudia figured out the cables on her own. The blanket looks so cheerful in yellow. Both Claudia and Robin love Lynn’s pattern. Claudia remarked that Lynn’s patterns are clear and there is no confusion in the directions.

Robin missed a ssk and a few yo’s in her blanket, we got her back on track. She knit a swatch to learn how to knit a cable she will be knitting the sampler blanket. After she did her first cable, she said, “That’s it? That’s not hard”. I’m really proud of how far she’s come in both her capabilities and her willingness to try new techniques.
She also finished a bootie from the Filatura pattern book she likes. This is knit in Tahki Torino worsted, it’s a great blue.

Elizabeth is knitting “his and her” scarves for her upcoming wedding anniversary. Her husband’s scarf was knit in color #130 and took 3 skeins (the scarf on the left). Hers in color #144 and will take 2 skeins (the scarf on the right).

Elizabeth was working on her socks on 2 circulars. It got a little jumbly around picking up the gusset sts. Finally after getting all the sts picked up for one sock, she took one sock off and put it on another needle. Picked up all the sts on the other sock and then got them both back on the circulars.

She’s wearing the beautiful sweater she just finished, knit in Soft Linen. She added 1” to the armhole above the middle band and knit the directions for the next size up.

Then she started an intarsia sweater that she and her daughter will be sharing. It (unfortunately) went immediately into the long-term parking lot. This sweater looked too time consuming when compared to her project plans for this fall/winter.

When Mary saw it, she whispered to Robin conspiratorially that it was gorgeous and she hated her. I know it sounds harsh, however, all is fair between friends and their knitting.
I got my knit loves crochet tank body sewn up, now I’m ready to work on the crocheted border.

Mary got her next traveling scarf in the mail and this one is knit in one color yarn and the scarf owner wants cabled (preferably). As Mary hasn’t done too many cables and she wants to stay in good timing, we opted for cables that followed the pattern of the scarf knit just before hers. That way she can knit it, enjoy it and send it.

Mary and I got our summer purple swap partners. I’m almost done putting my package together. Mary left the option for European swap partners open and got someone from Norway!!!!! That came as a bit of a shock. We don’t know if our swap partners have us back. Time will tell. I had fun putting mine together.

Danielle came with the baby. What a great surprise!!! He gave us a big smile and feel promptly to sleep giving Danielle some hard won knitting time. She’s working on a wrap sweater from Debbie Bliss’ Quick Baby Knits book.