Let the unpacking begin

I managed to pack my ill-gotten goods in such a way as to not be easily identified. I waited to unpack when there is no one home and I had time to spread everything out.

I’m really excited about what I bought. As I was wandering through the market, I saw a woman doing needle felting. I’d heard of it, seen the finished products, and never seen it being done. It was really cool. I was totally captivated by it. She would use one of the special needles that have little grabbers on it and would poke the fibers into the little pumpkin she was making. I absolutely loved it.

I got the little pumpkin kit and the decadent fibers appetizer kit. The dogs came over to sniff out the loot. They were just as intrigued as I was. Lots of pretty colors, the foam board and lots of needles. The kids don’t know it yet, but they’re going to come and make pumpkins with me. I’m so excited!

I found this beautiful hand dyed yarn called “zephyr” from “A touch of twist”. Of course it’s purple, and what a purple. It’s lace weight and priced just right. I’ll probably double it and make a shawl.
In keeping with the purple theme that permeates my life, I found this Rayon Corde from Judi & Co. at the Dreamweaver booth. There’s a one-skein pattern for a cute cabled purse. I just need to find the right handles. It was pictured with square handles and looked really great.