All in a day at The Knit & Crochet Show

I had a great class with Drew Emborsky aka “the crochet dude”. He is really funny and made the class easily interactive and enjoyable. I learned a lot about blogging for crafters that I didn’t know and I’m excited to implementing some of the ideas.

Afterwards I met up with Rose and we went back to the market. There must be a gravitational pull. Now matter how many times you go to the market and are “done”, you still go back for more, and more, and more!

I saw this huge bundle of yarn in my favorite colors that I thought would be a fun accessory.

There was an exhibit booth with the most enormous knitting needles I’d ever seen. I wanted to give them a go,
but she didn’t let me try the “jumbo” needles.
Instead she gave me a smaller pair of size 50 knitting needles with a scarf in progress. The woman at the booth had to situate me to properly before I could try them out.

We went to the designer meet & greet where Rose and I asked Doris Chan sign her book, Everyday Crochet. Rose and I told her what fans we are of her designs. Doris’ designs are chic, wearable by many, and a pleasure to crochet. The other day while she was walking outside the hotel she saw me through the window wearing one of her designs, and gave me the thumbs up. She asked us to post on Ravelry and that there was a Doris Chan group on Ravelry. She asked what our names were on Ravelry and she knew my user name! That was cool.
At the next table were Jess and Casey of Ravelry. We went over to meet them. They are really nice. Rose and I talked with them about Ravelry’s rise to popularity and becoming the center of the fiber world. We got Ravelry buttons and “daily dose of fiber” stickers. (yeah, more stuff!)

We spent a little time crocheting/knitting in one of the lounges. Rose is making a pair of socks from Knitpicks. It’s so nice to be surrounded by people everywhere knitting and crocheting while eating, sitting in lectures, in the lounges. I’ve got to bring my husband/family to one of these things so they see that what I do isn’t just a nervous tick.

In the evening we dressed for the Fashion Show. There were almost as many interesting garments off the runway as on. I was wearing the Ella shawl I knit from It’s one of my favorites and I felt like a celebrity when I walked in to the waiting area for the Fashion Show. People were turning to me and complimenting me on my shawl. One woman came over to me and was patting the shawl, I turned to look at her and she said, I was just admiring your shawl with the knitter’s handshake.

Two women from Massachusetts, Carol and Jane, joined us in the queue for dinner. I had met them at breakfast and caught up with them again at dinner. Together we jockeyed for position for the mad dash to get the best table we could. They were great company and a lot of fun.

Hayley crocheted this fantastic duster, designed by Doris Chan, she was the belle of the ball. Strangers stopped her to take her picture.

The fashion show was great. Rose saw so many things she liked that she planned another trip to the market for a few patterns (not me, I took notes!).
Our table cleaned up with door prizes, three people won. Lori won a free renewal to CGOA. Go Lori!