Stitch and Chat Recap

Last Friday Maureen was back and had finished the first side of her daughter’s poncho. We worked on weaving in ends and disguising a few random holes. This is her first garment and it’s coming along beautifully. She’s knitting it in Plymouth Encore Worsted.

Mary finished the first bootie from the Jumpstart Holiday Class at Knitting Central. We added an eyelet row and found this fantastic flower ribbon at the store where the flowers pop out of the eyelets.
I’m midway on the Somnambulista crocheted dress (by Doris Chan) that I’m working on Tahki Cotton Classic. It’s from the book Everyday Crochet: Wearable Designs Just for You

Michelle finished the back of the Dressed up Tank.
She’s in major finishing mode, so here comes the parade of finished items. She mastered the crochet trim (yeah!). This is a Suss Baby Doll she knit with Suss Mosaic. It fits her step-daughter beautifully.

This is the real winner of the year so far (based on fit, pattern and yarn). the Sublime Hoodie knit in Sublime Organic Cotton Dk. She absolutely loved this yarn.
OK, Mary brought these in. Her mother found them (correct me if I’m wrong). They’re knit and really cool looking. We were trying to figure out how we could emulate them. We didn’t get very far. 🙂
Robin’s Love to Knit Sampler Blanket by Lynn Wilson continues to knit up really well.
The most interesting part of the day was where Mary had a temporary lapse and couldn’t remember how to tell which side she’s knitting on the circular needles when she had put them down. We tried to explain to her and she just was frozen and then Robin jumped in the explain and Mary got her turned around. It became a fiber version of “who’s on first” by Abbot & Costello.