Knitting Loves Crochet

Wednesday night was the first of two classes at Knitting Central focused on the Dressed up Tank from the book Knitting Loves Crochet by Candi Jensen.

Since everyone in the class are knitters first, the focus of the class was on the knit gauge for the tank. It’s knit is sport weight yarn and it’s taken most of us several needle changes to get the gauge just right. Several of the women had crocheted most if not all of the back.

Michelle, Mary, and Pam are knitting with Twinkle Cruise; 70% silk and 30% cotton.

Beth and Christine are knitting theirs in Vintage cotton.

I love how Christine’s gauge is coming out. She has a few rows of st st in the middle, separating the different needles and she created a new stitch.

The crochet gauge is based on single crochet, so everyone worked up a single crochet gauge and then worked on the filet crochet pattern. The filet crochet pattern which will go around the bottom of the knit body and a yoke on the top. Here are our swatches.

The rosy swatch belongs to Joanne who is knitting hers in Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk.

In the end, Mary likened her crochet swatch to a tiara. 🙂