Knitting on the Edge

We met at Knitting Central today, a change of venue.

Mary brought her laptop so she could learn how to communicate with her travelling scarf people. We spent some time on Ravelry placing personal messages and how to communicate in the forums and threads. While we were at it, I think we set someone’s ears to burn.

She finished her add-on to the scarf she received and mailed it off. Quickest turnaround I’ve ever seen. She’s going to turn the scarf group upside down. Here’s the beginnings of her scarf, knit in a bulky cotton.

Robin has made great progress with her sampler afghan, designed by Lynn Wilson. Although she’s enjoying it, she wants to do something easy in between. A mindless project. We came up with a layette of sorts that she can knit a bit from her stash (it fit into 1 gallon ziploc bag ~ that’s how it begins….) and new yarn when she needs it. So for starters, a couple of cotton wash clothes, booties, and later on, a hat.

Michelle brought in the front of her Knit Loves Crochet Tank, NEARLY DONE!

I’ve been working on mine for a week and am at the same point!.

Mary had yelled at Michelle on Wednesday for not having started and yelled at her today for nearly finishing! 🙂 They’re all whipped into a knitting frenzy.

After we were done with our group time, Michelle set about to pick colors/yarn to make a blanket for her grandson. We had the yarn laid out on the floor and were moving it around like we were playing Yarn Twister. Right hand to blue yarn. Left foot to green yarn. It took the lot of us to agree on the colors. Kind of a committee vote! She’s going to make the Manos four seasons afghan using Encore Chunky Heather yarns. Although the Manos de Uruguay yarns are gorgeous, they are not practical for a little one.