Hip to be Square

We had the last Hip to be Square class at Knitting Central tonight. I went over several different ways to crochet squares together and then Beth and Christine decided on which method would work best for their projects.

Beth is making a shopping bag. Her kids are already calling “dibs” on it. She crocheted it in Be Sweet Bamboo yarn. It works up so beautifully. Beth decided to do a single crochet seam to make it extra firm. She’s going to crochet a mesh stitch around the squares to finish off the bag. There will be 9 squares on the front and 9 on the back.

As a side note, here is a picture of Beth’s Baby Smorg Jacket, designed by Jane Elliot. It’s absolutely magnificent. We were trying to convince her to frame it in a 3-d glass frame so it can be admired on all angles. She’s giving it to a friends daughter.Christine worked her squares up in Blue Sky Alpaca, it’s going to be a wrap. The yarn has a lovely drape. She’s going to work the squares together with the chain st.
Mary learned the techniques and then got a jump start on the tank top for next week’s Knit Loves Crochet Class at Knitting Central. We got out the Ott light to see if that “shed some light on the subject” Other than feeling as if she was under the hot lights in a police department (like in the movies), the light did make a difference. She was going to go home with a tan. No wonder they don’t believe she sits and knits for 2 hours at a class.

Here are some pix of a cool hat Mary found in the city, it’s a knit hat with appliques stitched on. Mary, being an avid sewer, could totally pull this off. Me, I could knit the hat. Mary and I could be a team on this one.

I don’t know what my squares are going to be when they grow up. A pillow was suggested. If I did that I would crochet the back of the pillow. That would work.