The Path of the Ravelry Travelling Scarf

OMG! Mary got her first package from the Travelling Scarf swap group she belongs to on Ravelry.

It was so cool. There are 12 members to each travelling scarf. Each person starts their own scarf and sends if off the to next person on their list. Then they’ll receive a scarf-in-progress approximately every 2 weeks to add on to. In the end you get the scarf you began, back.She got the coolest package, the yarn/scarf (of course), then a little journal to go with the scarf (reminds me of the teddy bear one of my kids brought home from kindergarten and you had to write in the Bear’s diary), a little gift (not required), and a nice card. This scarf was started off with the herringbone stitch from “my so called scarf”. One of my favorite sts. I used this stitch to create the Herringbone Collar Pattern.
Mary brought some yarn choices to match the blue/gray yarn of the scarf, and began knitting. Then realization hit…she had to get her scarf started and in the mail.

Definitely made me cruise through the swaps on Ravelry ,
Maybe I’ll get in on a swap for a scarf!

Michelle brought in her swatch for the Knit Loves Crochet tank class at Knitting Central
Three needle sizes later, she’s got gauge. I went through 4 needle sizes to get gauge. Her swatch is resting on the beginning of my tank. I’m one skein in on the front. We’re both using Twinkle Cruise yarn (70% silk, 30% cotton).
She also got gauge on the Eyelet and Feather Scarf designed by Ann (agm on ravelry).
She’s up to the armhole shaping on her Double Seed Stitch Cardigan by Tahki. Keeping pattern got a little tricky with the armhole decreases. Get out the pen & paper! We’ll have to map it out to keep in pattern.

Mary got Michelle all worked up and worried about starting her Knit Loves Crochet tank, so she put away the cardigan and cast on for the tank. Mary was having a real struggle keeping the second row of the pattern straight. We put in stitch markers as road blocks, to check her work every 20 sts , so she wouldn’t have to rip out full rows. That helped somewhat. Elizabeth suggested the light you can wear around your neck (it also has a magnifying attachment. I have one of these. If I can find it I’ll lend it to you Mary. I usually keep it in the car for when we’re on road trips (and of course, I’m not the driver!)

At one point Mary and Michelle were equally frustrated, Mary wanted to give up and go bowling, turns out Michelle has her own bowling ball! Elizabeth and I bowl a combined zero. We would provide comic relief alone! Of course, we’d bring our knitting.

Elizabeth bought yarn/pattern at Knitting Central yesterday to make a sweater (as requested by her grandson). She’s making the child’s bulky jacket by Knitting Pure & Simple. He was so happy when he saw the yarn that he hugged it! Awwww. She got swatching straight away and is on gauge and ready to knit!

Here’s a picture of the back of her soft linen surplice lace sweater (only the linen part of the sweater is wrinkled 🙂 . She made a very clever adjustment to the pattern. She likes her sweaters to be longer in length from hip to armhole and she wanted to make sure the pattern broke below her chest. So she added one more pattern set to the body and then above the pattern where it changes to stockinette, she added more length before shaping the armhole (Did I get that right Elizabeth?)

And lastly, Mary is knitting away on her scarf.