Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here!

I don’t know if we’ve ever had a time when every one’s been together on the same day! It was just great!

Mary showed up first and although she was able to get her friend going on the Tahki Lacy Tank and teach her how to read her stitches (complete with the purl wearing a turtleneck), she couldn’t get her tank to work. Her renewed effort in the morning was right (with the exception of one extra cast on stitch at the end). Whew! She was back on track.

Then we compared our swatches for the “Knit Loves Crochet” Tank class. We were both having quite a time getting gauge. She got gauge while we were together. I’m still plugging away on mine. Usually I go down needle sizes, especially with cotton or silk. I started 3 needle sizes down and now I’m swatching with a needle above what it calls for. That’s unheard of for me. This is the swatch that keeps on going.
It made Michelle crazy that we were swatching for this and hadn’t told her to do the same. She later went home and began swatching for the tank! Otherwise, she was making great progress on the Double Seed Stitch Cardigan from Tahki Spring Summer ’06. She had Clip stash yarn from the Knit Together days and it’s coming out just beautifully. I can tell this sweater will be a real staple to her wardrobe.

I looked over her swatch of Ann’s Eyelet & Feather Scarf pattern (a beauty, available at Knitting Central). Her gauge was off and she had to change needle sizes. After a few rows, she decided that this was not a project to do while maintaining various conversations with 6 people at once.

Claudia had started her baby blanket knit in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. She’s loving the pattern (and of course the yarn). Robin (who started the blanket and inspired Claudia to knit it) was none to please to see Claudia’s progress! She came in and said “Is that my blanket?” Then a few choice (albeit friendly) words followed.

Robin had to rip back a few rows to clean up a wayward stitch, this was a painful process to be sure!
Danielle came with baby Eric who made the rounds. What a doll! He went from person to person with smiles for everyone. We totally enjoyed his company and it was a pleasure to have Danielle back with the group.

Danielle working on a wrap top from Great Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss. She’s knitting it in Vintage Cotton. Since I saw her last week, she’s finished the back and is onto the front. We’re thinking no ties, and sewing the wrap closed at the side seam.

Elizabeth worked on her Surplus Lace top knit with Classic Elite Soft Linen. The pattern is from Gayle Bunn.

Mary revisited the instructions for the “Knit Loves Crochet” tank and changed the abbreviation of MC (main color) to master color, she had me doing it after a while. And, of course, the filet crochet pattern became the “filet of fish crochet”. These are going to stick in my head, I know it. We’re going to make a book of abbreviations as interpreted by Mary.

I worked on a crocheted hat pattern form an upcoming crocheting in the round class at Knitting Central.
It’s knit in Malabrigo Chunky, purple ~ of course ~ my signature color.

We had a round of book recommendations, here goes:
Black & White
March by Geraldine Brooks
1000 White Women
Water for Elephants
Books by Penny Vincenzi

Did I forget any?