Conversation is a 3-way street

It was a nearly full house today and the conversations were flying. I had my work cut out for me keeping up with the different topics and knitting questions. I felt like I was the pinball in an arcade game. It was a lot of fun.

Claudia was back and ready to knit. She was finishing off another pair of booties. She’s getting lots of requests for them. I showed her all the great new projects and yarns we were working on/with. We definitely got her creative juices flowing!

Sophia returned with a half finished scarf. She’s doing fantastic job. Between last week and this week she decided to reduce the number of stitches (on her own)to make her scarf more narrow. Cudos! Everyone loved the color she chose and pointed out how well it would match what they were wearing! Next up, maybe a pair of leg warmers.
Michelle finished the latest Knitting Central sock club sock. They were knit with Colinette Jitterbug and are really fun looking. She spent the morning sewing the hood on her Sublime Organic Cotton Hoodie. This yarn knits up so soft and has really good body to it.
Mary came with her project folder and we went page by page (or parking spot by parking spot) to move projects along. I truly admire her organization. I’ve got piles of projects stacked up ready to be organized. It’s a start anyway. She’s ready to begin the heel flap of her latest sock.
Robin said that the poncho was a big hit. Yeah! She’s beginning Lynn’s latest Sampler Blanket in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. Lynn Wilson writes really clear and concise patterns for really interesting designs. Robin has graciously declared her allegiance to Lynn’s and my patterns. 🙂

I shared my newest design in progress, a market bag. We had a lengthy discussion about exactly what market items merited use of the bag. Lettuce being to messy; I volunteer that it was great for dry goods. I’m knitting it in Classic Elite Soft Linen which is a pleasure to knit with. The bag will be good and stretchy.