Neosporin anyone?

We were joined today by Sophia, a new knitter who took to it really well. After learning the knit st, purl st, garter, stockinette, and k2p2 rib (I did say she took to it really well!); she decided on a k2 p2 scarf.
While teaching Sophia, I referred the purl stitch as wearing a scarf or turtleneck. Robin had heard this description before, Mary hadn’t. Robin began to explain the purl st to Mary who said that she knew what a purl st was, she just didn’t know it had been wearing a scarf! 🙂

Robin was working on the end of the second rectangle for a poncho she’s making as a gift. She didn’t think she could finish it in time for the party (this past weekend). I coaxed (prodded, cajoled) her into finishing it, she was so close. To her credit, she got it done and on Friday I crocheted an edging on it to finish it off.

With that done, she’s beginning a pattern by Lynn Wilson, the “Love to knit blanket”. She’s knitting it in Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, one of our favorite yarns.
Mary had a big presentation/meeting for her Warm up America group. The Greenwich Post was there and there should be an article in this week’s (Thursday’s) edition. Go Mary!

Mary finished swatching the cotton tank she’s going to knit in Loop-d-Loop birch yarn, reading the stitches instead of looking at the wording of the pattern is working out great.

Michelle is onto the hood for her Sublime hoodie sweatshirt. Home stretch, it’s going to be really lovely.