Post with no name :)

We had a lot going on Friday between projects and catching up.

Mary gave Robin the Be Sweet dress back. Robin knit the skirt and Mary was very kind and generous in offering to sew the t-shirt to the skirt. Both ladies did a beautiful job and hopefully we’ll get to see a picture of the recipient wearing it. (Hint Hint…)

Otherwise, Robin has been too busy to knit. Shocking, I know. The busier I get, the more knitting time I need to squeeze in for sanity breaks. She’s more than halfway through a child’s poncho though. Once I explained what was involved with fringing a poncho (not that it’s hard, just tedious), she opted for a crocheted edge.

Michelle finished the first sock from the latest sock in the Knitting Central Sock Club. I thought the pattern came out really well. She loves her colorway, I think it’s Gaughin by Colinette (in jitterbug).

Elizabeth is nearing completion of her second sweater in this pattern. I love the color. She’s experimenting with knitting a smaller size to see if she likes the fit better.

On another note, she discovered a “simply stockinette sock” group on ravelry and really enjoys the peaceful simplicity of a stockinette sock. She’s also trying out knitting two socks at a time. I await her feedback/results. That’s one thing with doing any “2 at a time” like sleeves, sides of necks, etc. I tend to forget to do the shaping on all the edges. I’ll remember 3 out of 4.

Mary worked on a gauge for Tahki’s Lacy Tank that’s she’s knitting in Teva Durham’s Birch yarn. She had to go down quite a few needles to get gauge. She also learned how to read her stitches rather than continuously looking at her pattern for what to do. This pattern has a easy to remember pattern repeat. That made all the difference in the world for her. Her swatch came out perfect.
The support for the Greenwich chapter of Warm up America continue’s to be very strong. They’ve decided to focus on a local senior group.

Last week Maureen had started a child’s poncho. I love the colors together.