All in a week’s work

Robin finished the adorable skirt knit in Be Sweet Bamboo, here’s the T-shirt that will be sewn to it. Robin came prepared with thread and needle. Mary saved the day and is going to machine sew it for Robin. It’s going to be so cute.
We made a half-hearted attempt at learning crocheted flowers to attach to the neckline in the t-shirt. Robin’s heart wasn’t in it, so I made a link of small flowerettes. Crochet is a goal for next year for Robin.

Michelle was finishing up the Suss Baby Doll Tunic. By week’s end she had it done and ready to be blocked and sewn.

Later in the week I caught up with Elizabeth and Maureen. Elizabeth is determined to knit the two sweaters she’s working this summer before she turns to any other projects (that might not include socks).

She’s learned how to splice her yarn ends together when joining a new skein. The join is so good, she can barely (if at all) see where the joins are. Next week, a demonstration please! I’ve never tried that.

Maureen is just rocking with her knitting. She finished her first scarf in one day; she came into Knitting Central the next day to pick out project number 2. She came to this week’s stitch and chat with her second scarf finished. We met back at the store and she picked out a poncho pattern and yarn to make for her daughter. Go Maureen!

Michelle was very happy to move onto the Sublime hooded tunic she’s knitting in the Sublime Organic Cotton DK.

Mary came in from the parking lot (real, not virtual) and realized that she left her knitting bag at home. She had to scrounge around in her car to find back up knitting. Thank goodness for emergency knitting. Don’t leave home without it!

Warm up America/Greenwich is going really strong. Mary’s received a lot of crocheted squares, so she’s decided to crochet a few herself. They go really quickly crocheted.

We went to the movies to see the new Indiana Jones movie and I brought a golf club cover to knit during the movie (it’s stockinette and I can knit that in the dark). Robin/Mary I know you think I’m a freak for doing that, I did almost finish the club cover. Action movies are great for speed knitting.