I’m Improvising

Michelle was back from Europe and we enjoyed hearing all about her trip. She didn’t get too much knitting done 🙁

Now she’s back on track and working on the second sock for the Knitting Central Sock Club.

Claudia began the second booties from Monday. Click here for the pattern link.

When she got to the end of the bootie, we realized that it looked like she made two of the same foot (they’re Mary Janes). This got us for a moment when one of us realized the if she flipped it inside out (it’s done in garter), it’d be fine.

Thus began the improvising part of our session. We all did a little improvising then: Michelle with her sock, Mary with her crochet, and Claudia with her bootie.

Mary brought in a cool pair of shoes that had crocheted flowers sewn on. We kind of brainstormed about doing that to a pair of keds or flip flops.