Oh Baby!

This Friday it was just Robin and I (for a while…) She’s making great progress on the baby skirt. I took a “detailed” picture but it was too close. By the time I see her next week, she’ll probably be done with it.

She’s enjoying working on the poncho in variegated Encore Worsted. She said that every stitch is a new color, which is a good way to describe working with Variegated yarns.
We were going along in our own world when I got a tap on the shoulder. Danielle surprised us and she brought baby Eric. We were SO happy to see each other. She wanted to hear all about everyone in stitch and chat and we of course wanted to hear everything about her new expanded family.

Eric slept most of the visit (all tucked in with the blanket we made) and Danielle was able to sit and knit. She’s on the last strip of the Manos Four Seasons Afghan.
She also finished her bag. It came out great! She had it lined and it’s just fabulous!
Towards the end of the visit, Eric woke up and I got to hold him for a while. He is absolutely adorable. I took a picture as we were getting ready to go, he really wanted to go, so he wasn’t really up for the photo.