Maybe a bigger note to self

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I guess that’s why I don’t listen to myself about blogging in the moment when things are fresh (meaning my memory) and my notes are clear!

So, here is last week in review.

Claudia (not surprisingly) finished the Plymouth Toddler Striped Jumper (pattern C163). It is adorable. She knit it in Tahki Cotton Classic. We worked on how to do a single crochet edging and she took to it with ease. 🙂
Michelle is working on the Suss Baby Doll (pattern 312) knit in Suss Mosaic. The bottom of the sweater is knit in two rectangles, seamed, and then the top is picked up from that. She’s just about at that part, so stay tuned. It shouldn’t take me more than a week or two to let you know.
She and Mary took my crocheted flowers class last week at Knitting Central
We had a lot of fun. Here are the flowers she completed.
Mary told us the Warmup America squares are “coming in like crazy”. She started sewing them together, trying several different stitches. I showed her the mattress stitch. When you mention sewing to Mary, she shifts into a completely different persona. Sewing is a favorite of hers. Needless to say, she got the stitch immediately and was happily on her way. Two days later, she had this to show for her efforts:
Robin pointed out that her hands have been featured in many project pictures. There’s a career path, the Carol Marryl (sp?) of knitting. I know I’m dating myself. For those of you that the name sounds familiar, think Price is right of years ago.

Robin was working on sewing the pieces of her baby sweater together. It was the day for the mattress stitch.
Robin was the “booty lady” today (notice spelling please). She finished these booties to match the hat in just two days!
When we reviewed the mattress stitch, Mary loved it and Robin hated it. Can’t win them all.

Elizabeth brought a new sock in progress:
She brought out her “leilani” sweater from Berroco and was not a happy camper. The way the sweater is designed, one front is intentionally longer than the other. The style just did not suit when she sewed it together and tried it on. We all had to agree with her, and she stoically planned to rip out one side and make them even.

Robin was ready to change to dpn for her hat, she was catching up to Mary. The had is adorable. (pictured above with booties).

One pattern she was working on called for you to kf&b. She thought it was a knitting curse word. 🙂