Note to Self

Last week was crazy for me and I put off writing the posts for each stitch and chat. Mistake! It’s not as easy or fun to write a week after the fact.

Everyone had been really busy and we worked on a few new techniques.

Claudia is making an adorable striped dress for a little girl in cotton classic. It’s knit in the round so after 1 round of introducing the contrast color, I showed her how to keep the stripes even. After the first round with the new color and as your about to knit your next round, you take the stitch below the new color (it’s the main color) and put it one the left hand needle next to the new color and knit them together.
Mary finished the loopy scarf knit in Twinkle. I took a picture of it, but it came out to dark and didn’t do it justice. She’s ready to line the meter-mitered square vest. Just waiting on the lining.

Robin finished the front of her baby sweater and I was able to show her how to do the 3-needle bind-off to join the shoulder seams instead of sewing them. It’s a great technique and a real crowd pleaser.
The kids came with me because it was school break, so we had a field trip. Genna joined us and was working on an American Girl Poncho for her cousin’s birthday. She had to borrow dpn’s (otherwise known as toothpicks) from Mary. It came out really cute. I found the pattern at
Major Knitter’s blog

Happily I finished this skirt for one of my nieces. I was delighted to be able to use yarn from my stash. The sparkly yarn (which I still love) was from a more sparkly period in my yarn obsessions. I just have to finish the top to go with it.

On Friday Mary and Elizabeth joined me. I marveled at their organization. They both used report covers for their patterns to keep them neat and organized.

I always have good intentions toward organizing. Unfortunately they fall short once I’ve bought all the lovely supplies (a throwback to buying school supplies for school). I’m sorely tempted to copy them. (Who am I kidding? It’s on my errand list already!)

Elizabeth finished the backs of two of her sweaters. They went by in quick succession and I wasn’t quick enough with my camera. She also finished another pair of socks. YES! We’ve recruited another sock knitter into the fold! Elizabeth is a loose knitter and is finding she has to work some sock yarn on 00! Mary was shocked that the numbers didn’t stop at 0.
These are called Broadripple socks and the pattern is available on Knitty

Mary and I did some more with crocheted flowers. This Hibiscus flower came out great in the variegated cotton.