Errata, The Seamy Side of Knitting

My sister and I got to talking about errors in patterns today and we both admitted that the saying the word “errata” makes it sound like a dirty knitting word. It just doesn’t sound right (who came up with that word anyway?). I always say “errors in patterns”.

Anyway, she’s stepping in as a guest blog poster today:

Errata – The Seamy Side of Knitting
(No, we don’t mean the Adult section of the video store).

We both cringe when we have to say the word out loud (thinking people with misinterpret what we mean, into something naughty). Once we get past the teenage embarrassment of the awkward name – this is an important tool for us all. I just finished knitting the Coachella pattern from Summer When I was 3 rows from being finished, I thought hmmm I should look at this on Ravelry.

I found several examples of finished Coachella sweaters – many of them had error notations, (I know – say the word Errata). That hindsight thing, not so useful in knitting. I really wish I had checked for errors/comments before I got this far, it would have been very useful. Well, the Coachella is now finished and is a little too baggy – the main area that other knitters commented on was that the suggested extra knitting in the bust was not a good idea and would make it too baggy.

So, the lesson learned is that despite the inappropriate sound of Errata, I should really start looking at the knitting errors that others have found, so I can save myself some pain and ripping.

Who knows, maybe saying the word Errata, will add some spice to my married life? Then again, if I say the word in front of my husband, it may create a distraction that takes time away from knitting!