It’s all about the pockets

I was able to wear my “on the go shawl” today for the first time. It was a relatively easy knit, the biggest challenge was remembering to stay in seed stitch. More often than not I ribbed my stitches and had to go back and fix them. Hopefully I got them all, and if I didn’t, please don’t point them out.

We decided collectively that the best thing about this shawl were the pockets. They provided just the right detail and are very useful.

Elizabeth came with a full bag of show and tell. Here’s a picture of the infamous moving mudd button that put Elizabeth on a quest for just the right yarn and sweater.
The socks she made for her son gave rave reviews and subtle (or not so subtle) inquiries about placing orders. So Elizabeth is onto her 3rd pair of socks, this one for herself.

The pattern is called “Broadripple” and is available on Knitty
Here’s her progress on a sweater from Berroco book #270, knit in Linen Jeans. I like how it feels knit up and the shaping is coming out great.

Mary is moving along with the Warmup America – Greenwich project of blanket squares (or as Robin refers to it, her “washcloth project”. She’s taken on a friend’s blanket square.
She brought in the most recent Simply Knitting magazine and found a great sweater coat pattern called “Woven Warmth. It’s knit in King Cole Homespun, which I’m guessing is a yarn available in England (where the magazine is published). I looked up the yarn and it’s 80% acrylic, 20% wool, has 81 yards per skein, and is bulky – 3 sts/1″.

Thanks for looking for the craft caddy from Michael’s. I spent some time online looking for it and couldn’t find anything on their website or anything like it at Target or similar stores. It’s one hot item!

Oh! I have a super bulky patter for you to look at, remind me when I see you. I made it for Joe and it’s our of super bulky yarn. I think it was Sirdar Denim Chunky. It was a cotton wool mix I think.

Robin brought in the baby hat she started. I guess we didn’t spend enough time on the concept of knitting in the round. After leaving the group, she began to knit back and forth (the first row was connected). She got disconnected and then realized what she was doing and tried to go back in the round. She got a do-over.
We got to talking about Ravelry. Mary joined a group called the travelling scarf. It’s made up of groups of 12 people. 12 scarves travel around and each person knits on the scarf with their own choice of yarn and stitch. It’s a really cool idea. Mary, I think yours should be seed stitch. 🙂

Elizabeth told us that the Must Have Cardigan has become a knit-a-long. I think I want to look into that, although it may be as an observer. Click here’s to find out what the yarn harlot has to say about it.

Here’s a link to see that pattern. Scroll down till you see the Must Have Cardigan.

Danielle made it to the stitch and chat and we were all glad to see her. She looked great and was just about at her due date. She’s almost finished her hospital knitting project. Thankfully we’re on the notification list!