Baby Shower Stitch and Chat style

On Friday we gave Danielle the gifts we’ve been secretly knitting (and therefore not posting the progress). We barely gave her a chance to sit down before we “showered” her with our gifts. Waiting has never been a strong suit of mine.

First off was the adorable sweater that Elizabeth made with Tahki Torino Bulky. It took her all of two days to make it, it’s knit in one piece.

The pattern is from Knitting Central, the Suss baby sweater.

Next was a baby blanket knit in Blue Sky Dyed Cotton (a favorite of Danielle’s). Michelle, Mary, Robin, and Claudia each knit a strip. I designed each strip with the knitter’s recent projects in mind, so the blanket tells a story of sorts. Delightfully, Danielle was able to guess who knit which strip. That was pretty impressive.
It was a lot of fun knitting this behind the scenes. Claudia and Michelle finished their strips on the same day so I as able to give Mary their leftover yarns to incorporate in a mitered square. There had to be a mitered square for sure. Not surprisingly, this gave away Mary’s strip.

The last gift was a really neat thing to knit. Michelle and I knit fishy’s for Jason and his future sibling. The pattern is from Blue Sky Alpacas and is called “one fish two fish” again, knit in the dyed cotton.

These came out so cute that when I finished mine, my kids both declared that they wanted one. I was lucky to get it out of the house!

Mary and Claudia, we wished you could’ve been there. You certainly were there in knitted spirit. Read the next post for the story behind the fishy’s and the blanket.

We did actually get to knitting afterwards. Elizabeth came bearing new pattern books to share. Two were Ella Rae pattern books and one was a recent Berroco Book, #270. The Berroco book featured a new yarn called Linen Jeans, a worsted weight yarn that’s 70% rayon, 30% linen. She found a different sweater to knit to work with the moving mud button. Michelle and I especially liked a wrap cardigan. (Michelle, it was pattern #9).

Elizabeth was holding out on us, she finished David’s socks, they look great and they fit. What more could you ask for in a sock. The test will be if she chooses to make another pair. She’s not totally convinced of the sock’s allure yet.

Robin is making this yellow sweater with Cashmerino Bulky for her niece. She’s working from one of Ann Norling’s patterns with Tahki Cotton Classic Colors. They are so cute and small. Next up is a matching newborn cap to go with them. I still can’t get over how small a newborn’s feet are!

Danielle learned the crochet slip stitch and worked on putting together the toy ball she’s making. It’s going to be really cute and bright.

Bettina was intently and quietly working on her second blanket. Having not knit since the last stitch and chat, she was serious about making significant progress. The first blanket was a huge success and I imagine her other kids are excitedly awaiting theirs.