The inside story of the fishy’s and the blanket

We decided we wanted to knit a joint gift for Danielle and her family.

Elizabeth knit a sweater from a pattern from Knitting Central, the Suss baby sweater. She used Tahki Torino Bulky

I came up with the idea of a blanket knit in strips and each person could knit a strip and then I would crochet them together and crochet a border. When I wrote the pattern I included stitches in each person’s strip that reflected stitches/projects they’d worked on over the past few months. The strips were knit by Claudia, Mary, Michelle, and Robin. Who’s strip is who’s you might ask? I’m not telling. All in all it gave the blanket a lot of character and of course told a story.

The blanket takes on a bit of a “bipolar” quality in the differences in each person’s knitting style. I smile as I write this, here’s a picture of the four strips prior to sewing.
It’s such a reflection of who we are, the strips match as much as we match. As Mary said (and you can see), “the seed stitch just blows my mind”. I tend to share Mary’s challenges with seed stitch. One minutes distraction and you’ve got rows of ribbing to undo.

All in all, it came out great and gave us all great joy to make. Each time a strip was knit, it would be handed over to me in stealth, so Danielle wouldn’t see.

Given that I just have this perverse need to leave things to the last minute, I “power crocheted the strips together and border” the night before giving it to Danielle. Then I blocked it the following morning! Life would be so different if I knew how to plan my time a little more effectively. I don’t see how it would hurt if there was a little room to breath around deadline. Maybe it would mess up the time-space continuum. (See what happens when I don’t get enough sleep?).

Here’s the finished blanket.
Michelle and I knit the fishy’s, a definite do over in my opinion. When my kid’s saw mine, they put in their own orders. I’d love to get bright colors and make a tropical fish.Here’s how the fish looked prior to being stuffed.