Shape of things to come

Claudia came back from Peru with alpaca so soft if felt like cashmere. We get a lot of beautiful yarns here from South America.

She’s been making squares in different stitches that will make up a blanket for her cousin. I meant to ask you Claudia, where are you getting your stitch patterns?

Michelle was intently working on her silk top. The directions have left a lot to interpret. I think she’s on her 3rd or 4th try on getting the back V to work right.

Danielle finished another strip of her Manos afghan since we last saw her. It is so great looking. I love the rich colors and the different stitches.
She’s also making a toy ball with different color yarn.

Robin was sewing the cotton booties, they are so cute. She was still in the midst of sewing them, so I don’t have a picture (hint, Robin bring the booties).

Mary started the border on her meter-miter vest. It is absolutely fantastic. When she’s done with the garter borders, she’s going to line it. Really outstanding job! It’s a tapestry of color and texture.

Mary is working on coming up with a charity for kids to participate in. She’s considering Warm up America

With this charity, “You can make a difference to someone in need by:

  • crocheting or knitting one or more 7″ by 9″ sections for Warm Up America!
  • joining sections into completed afghans,
  • donating yarns and needles/hooks to groups in your community,
  • contributing money to expand WUA! to groups nationwide.”
  • Claudia is going to help her out by translating the instructions into Spanish. I love when our group networks and helps each other and the community. I didn’t even do anything and I feel good by proxy. (Seriously though, if anyone wants to help out with Mary’s group just contact us by posting to this comment or emailing me).