Knitter’s Block

Mary, Michelle and I ventured out on this rainy day to sit and knit. The cafe was quiet with the strange exception of a woman listening to a lecture at such a volume that we could hear it through her headphones. We were somewhat baffled by the whole thing. It didn’t get in our way unless you blame Michelle’s Knitter’s Block on it as a distracting influence, yeah, that’s it. Michelle you were totally blocked by the distraction of the loud lecture thing. That works, we’ll go with that.

Michelle started a lively summer cover up from Louisa Harding’s Hummingbird Pattern book from last year. She’s had the yarn for a year maybe? It’s looks great and because of the color changes and the fringe, she has no ends to weave. A double bonus is my book.
She was blocked on her silk tunic. There was some confusion with the directions last week (the rows went in reverse). She contacted the designer who emailed her a revised pattern. This was a good feeling, it wasn’t just us. The pattern still didn’t spell things out clearly, but at least the rows were all consecutive in the right direction. Between splitting for the armhole (garment is worked in the round until the armholes). setting up the v in the back and placing the decorative stitch, well, there was a lot of undoing and rereading and finally it got parked for a quieter time. It’s going to be beautiful (it already is).
Robin stopped by briefly for a quick question and was just in time to model a black sleeveless summer tunic from S. Charles Collezione Spring/Summer 2008 Collection that Michelle made. As Robin wants to make it next, it was good to know the size was right.
Robin managed to listen to Mary on the Maryann show last week. I couldn’t get the station in my car. 🙁 She told us that she could hear Mary’s infectious laughter in the background and confirmed that Mary was in fact knitting during the broadcast. She almost called in. It sounds like a great show and I’m going to look into finding out if there are taped broadcasts of the show when Mary is there!.

Mary was working on her purple loopy scarf while at the show and managed to flip the loops at the ends, so they’re on one side going up and the other side going down. That just cracked us both up! We both agreed that with some artful wrapping, no one will be the wiser. With the exception of course of anyone reading this. Is anyone reading this?

By next week Mary should have all the mitered squares completed on her meter-mitermaid vest. She’s going to line it before we sew the armholes or do the garter stitch finishing for the bands. We looked at some of the color choices for the band. I don’t know who’s more excited about this, me or Mary. After this (if you still have the desire, you could definitely make the Modern Quilt wrap – with the exception that you’d have to do it in something other than mohair. I’m thinking silk or maybe flax.

Mary brought in the WEBS catalog which totally got Michelle’s attention. She kept trying to look at the pages and Mary kept slapping her hand away. We were looking at what cottons would be nice to work with for Mary. Michelle liked a particular sweater from Tahki which I pointed out was in the summer books I showed her during one of her last visits to Knitting Central.