Dwarf Bread: Food or a Weapon

As I’ve mentioned before, everyone who joins ravelry finds their own groups to join (there are a phenomenal amount of interest groups).

Anyway, my sister found a group of people who share her (our) pleasure in the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett. They are sci-fi fantasy books with a laugh out loud dialogue and characters.

Sadly, the author (who is in his 60’s) has recently been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. Members of this Ravelry group that love his books are making an afghan for him, and each participant is making an afghan square of a character in one of his books.

My sister, who came late to the group signed on as an alternate an got accepted to make a square.

I’m really exicted for her and proud of her. It’s got to be really special to take part in something like that. There are people from all over the world making squares.

Here’s her square:
After this picture was taken she embroidered some words on it. That was almost her undoing!