Just us Chicks

It was just Mary and Elizabeth today. We talked a lot about how to find the right fit when picking a pattern or designing (whether it’s sewing or knitting ~ Mary sews). Mary and I talked about getting the ease of a garment just right. I’m taking a design class with Shirley Paden and the amount of math and math, and did I mention math, that goes into designing a pattern before you even start on the needles is daunting to say the least. It’s a remarkable process, that for me is totally worth it to understand and be able to apply. It’s a whole other world. Knitting Daily has had a series of posts about proper fit and knitting. I thoroughly recommend signing up for the 3x weekly newsletter. They’re really informative. You can either click the link above or look for the knitting daily banner on the right side of the blog.

Anyway, before I go on at length about something distasteful, like gauge, here’s Mary’s seed stitch scarf with the loopy (furry) bottom. Elizabeth remarked how cool the color is, it’s not really grey or purple, but somewhere in between. This is Mary’s soothing project. (Michelle’s must shaking her head reading this saying, “you’re crazy”.)

Here are a series of pictures of Mary’s miter-meter maid vest. The front is on the left.

It’s great how it’s coming out. We talked about what types of yarn to use for the garter border and button bands. It’s so exciting. I want to make another one. I have yarn collected in a cranberry colorway for just this purpose!

Elizabeth started her sock and I really like the way the colors are playing out. Not surprisingly she picked up the concept of knitting on the two circular needles quickly.

I’m not sure yet if we’ll bring her over to the “sock side”. She’s as yet not totally impressed.
The test will be when she first tries it on.

My sister mentioned knitting the socks on one 12″ circular and recently I saw 9″ circulars advertised. Needless to say, I’ve got to try this!