The Gauge Girls

I was working on a gauge for my niece’s birthday present and after about an inch I measured it (I find gauges boring too and wanted a hint); the gauge girls (Michelle and Robin) verbally leaped at me that it wasn’t‘ enough 🙂

I defended myself though, that I wasn’t done; I was merely checking on my progress. As it was, I got gauge and began to knit it and it was too tight. I had to rip back to the ribbing and go up a needle! I know, I usually go down at least one if not two needle sizes to get gauge and here I am at the prescribed needle size. Go figure. Once again the importance of gauge has asserted itself (no snickering from the peanut gallery). I know the daylight savings time change is affecting me, I’m imagining a caped superhero in the form of gauge. Yikes! More coffee immediately.

Well, on to Friday’s group…

Danielle made another set of booties (adorable) and brought them in to inspire/motivate Robin to finish hers.
Robin did work on the second bootie and made it through the shaping to the cuff. She blamed Mary for her lack of progress on the second bootie. To which Mary (from the other end of the table) called out “BOOTIES, your still on the booties”. 🙂

Danielle also made great progress on her KAL blanket. She has one strip done.

Michelle and I have decided to make the spiral one (I have a feeling ultimately I’ll make the one Danielle is making too – I just have to decide if I’m going to do a “story” of blues or go with all colors)

Michelle continued on her beautiful silk top. The black tank just needs to be seamed. She’s loving her on the go shawl. Mary (and Danielle?) might make it. However, the seed stitch is daunting in that Mary always goes off course (I do too, and end up with little sections of ribbing). My seed stitch protege, Robin, confidently explained seed stitch vs. rib.

Mary is chugging along on her meter-miter maid vest. I kind of wrapped it around myself to give her an idea of how it’s going to look as a garment. Otherwise, it looks shapeless and its hard to see it otherwise.

She shared with Michelle her loopy scarf project to which Michelle said “you’re crazy”, Mary replied “it was peaceful”. Gotta love it. They told me that this loopy stitch was on a garment featured on “Project Runway”. I haven’t seen the show. Mary you’re on the cutting edge of fashion.

Bettina happily finished “lovey” blanket #1 and began blanket #2. I’m knitting my niece’s sweater in Berroco lullaby, and in the same color as blanket #1. I like how it knits up. I don’t love knitting with it. It’s the type of yarn that really points out how dry your skin on your hands is. 🙁
Elizabeth made this awesome purse! She knit it with a corded yarn from Judi & Co. She lined it beautifully and doubled the button to give it weigh. It’s fantastic!
We revisited socks with a thicker yarn. Elizabeth is just not getting into this whole sock craze (yet?!).
Here’s the front from the Karabella v-neck sweater she’s working on. This is the second time I’ve seen this sweater worked up and I really like it. I’d probably do it in Torino. Elizabeth’s is knit in Karabella Aurora 8.
I love how Elizabeth, Bettina, and I strategically hid our faces from being in the picture with the projects!

Elizabeth told us about this great website for creating and customizing bags (of all sizes). Click here for the website Viv Pickle

She showed us a great bag she had made up and suggested that if you do choose to make a bag that you make one while being on the phone with the company as there are options you can’t readily see on the Internet. Cool. Another bag for us bag obsessed people. Sometimes I think the right bag will just fix anything!

Off to fill my coffee cup and knit a bit.