What is Ravelry you say?

The best way to describe Ravelry is like facebook for knitters/crocheters but so much more!

Ravelry is a place for knitters to keep track of their projects, their stash, their needles, their books, and see what your friends are doing too.

Ravelry, a social networking site for the fiber friendly or fanatic as the case may be.

Ravelry lets you search for patterns, find our about other people’s experiences and join groups/forums of shared interests (in addition to knitting).

Like knitting it is completely addicting and before you know it, you’ll realize you’re spending more time on Ravelry talking about knitting than you are knitting. As you get acclimated, you spend a slightly more reasonable amount of time.

Click this link to join Ravelry

Here’s the thing though. Ravelry is run by a terrific couple who are doing much of the work on their own. So, when you sign up, you will get an invitation number. It may take a week or so to get your invitation. In the meantime, you can think up your “username“. Once you make it, you can’t change it.