Welcome to the Zoo!

We worked on a wide variety of projects on Wednesday.

Danielle has been working on an elephant toy.  The pieces were easy enough and she was wise to mark the pieces as she finished them.  Logistically putting it together was another story!  In the end I think we got his head on right, although it took a few tries.

Still resting from the miter-meter maid project, Mary worked on the spiral blanket.  She’s decided to work on two afghans at once.  I, once again, admire her enthusiasm!  She worked on the second color round and learned how to M1 which is different than increasing in one stitch.  She got the concept and the pattern sequence and she’s on her way.  I hope she has more done this week.  It’s a cool blanket to see evolve.
Michelle came up with her own unique gauge theory.  She’s noticed that although she will get gauge in a swatch, when she knits the garment, the gauge is looser than her swatch and it always seems that she should’ve used one needle size smaller.  Going forward she’s going to try her theory out and use one needle size smaller than the needle she used to get gauge in her swatch.
I’ve got another option and I know all you gauge rebels are going to groan big time. Theoretically a gauge should be a much bigger square than the 4″x4″ (and sometimes smaller) swatch that is conventionally made.  If you make a swatch that is 8″x 8″, yes I really said that, you will get a truer gauge.
She put the finishing touches on her Puffin sweater.  Michelle was telling us about a knitting cruise her mother is going on and it sounded great.  We talked about a knitting retreat for our stitch and chat group.  Now that would be fun.  What do you think ladies?
Claudia found the double breasted knit coat to be a challenge and did a fantastic job! The pattern came from Easy Baby Knits: Clothes & Accessories for 0-3 Year-olds.  The coat is knit in Tahki Torino yarn (my favorite yarn this season).  She’s taken to knitting so quickly and completed several great baby knits.  

She’s nearly finished with her first sweater for herself.  It’a really cute short-sleeved cardigan pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas.